Custom Body Exfoliator

By ViaBuff


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This uniquely designed exfoliation buff is an upgrade of the standard bath sponge or loofah that can be customized to suit your skin. This buff treats skin to the perfect balance of cleansing and softening—because you choose the levels of exfoliation it delivers. It's cleaner, dries faster, and lasts longer than the typical versions.

  • Made in the USA: Baberton, OH
  • Materials: Open cell polyurethane foam, silicone
  • Care: Machine wash with whites, do not use bleach or fabric softener, hang to air dry
  • White silicone band found in middle of buff for hanging on hook
  • Includes one buff with two customizable exfoliation levels
  • Customize buff by choosing two of four different levels of exfoliation. See exfoliation guide for more details
  • Patented petal design promotes rapid air drying, discouraging bacterial growth
  • Features 60% more surface area than a standard buff or loofah
  • Open cell structure creates strong lather, requiring less product
  • Lasts for three to five months, three times longer than a standard loofah
  • Dimensions: 5.25" diameter
  • Weight: 0.14 lb.

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36 Reviews (4.2 out of 5 Grommets)

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Good product. Needs fine tuning

7/20/2018 by Richard

First of all, I really like this product. It is good, but needs some tuning. It could really use a stronger method of attaching the two halves. Mine keep breaking apart. Also the elastic that attaches it to the handle either needs to be shorter or they need to place the hook to attach it up by the handle. Otherwise it doesn't stay on. I find I need to hold the elastic by my finger up at the handle when washing my back to keep it from coming off the handle.More > < Less


It’s not for me!

7/20/2018 by Judith J

I believe I got the one for sensitive skin. It is way to rough. Also, I seem to have had to use extra soap when I tried it.


Fell apart within one week of use!!

2/2/2019 by Lynn

Based on the description, I thought I found the perfect exfoliator. It worked well for the first couple of days, and then it literally fell apart. As a result, it went into the trash in less than a week. So disappointed!!More > < Less


Doesn’t Stand Up to Regular Use

11/6/2018 by Stuart

I thought this would be the perfect item to clean and exfoliate those hard-to-reach spots in the middle of my back. It ended up being one of the most discouraging purchases I’ve made from The Grommet.

The ViaBuff's look and feel were great. Actually using it was another matter. I ordered the handle that goes with it but found that the buff attaches to the handle with just a rubber band and doesn’t stay on. Scrubbing with the slightest pressure would cause the buff to come off the handle. Almost every shower, I had to go through the annoying ritual of reattaching it. After two months, the buff itself split in half.
More > < Less


Not so good!

10/18/2018 by Margie

This body buffer fell apart not long after I had it so can’t recommend it. I was the only one using it & hadn’t used it very many times & it came apart!More > < Less

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About ViaBuff

Exfoliation Buff

The exfoliation buffs from ViaBuff are redesigned upgrades of the typical shower staples. Unlike traditional bath sponges and loofahs, these buffs deliver the just-right degree of exfoliation.

The customizable body buffs are Made in the USA to suit your skin to the perfect combination of exfoliation levels. Along with the trio of facial buffs, they have a patented, petal-like design that provides more surface area to cleanse and soften skin better (and create more foam). They also dry quicker, which helps thwart bacteria growth. A buff lasts around three times longer than the usual grocery store-variety, and you can even toss one in the washing machine.

ViaBuff co-founders Evan and Jamie Miller head up the family-run operation in Ohio, where the buffs are made one at a time to give you healthier, softer skin.