Drawstring Shower Cap

By Virtuosa Beauty

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Virtuosa is an adjustable shower cap that’s got three features its disposable predecessors don’t. It’s durable, breathable, and adjustable. The drawstring design lets your hair fall naturally, so it won’t be crushed or dented. Breathable fabric helps keep your scalp cooler and your hair frizz-free during hot showers. And it’s American made and machine-washable, too.

  • Made in the USA: Fall River, MA
  • Materials: Polyvinyl coated polyester, nylon & elastic
  • Care: Machine wash cold on gentle cycle, hang to dry
  • Unique sleeve shape with drawstring closure
  • Designed to fit almost all hair styles and lengths
  • Breathable fabric reduces internal humidity and frizz
  • Comfortable headband design holds hair back securely
  • Prevents hair dents and creasing
  • Use instructions can be found here
  • Machine washable
  • Dimensions: 7" x 4" x 1.5"
  • Weight: 0.21 lb.

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Well Chosen Gift


This was a present for my daughter-in-law. She has very long hair and a 2 yo son. As soon as she opened it she exclaimed "How did you know?" Then she explained in bathing/showering her son her hair always gets wet. She needed a shower cap so she wouldn't have to restyle it. She tried it out immediately and said,"This is the coolest idea ever." Based on her enthusiasm I'm giving you a 5.More > < Less


Perfect Fit


I love this shower cap! I have dreadlocks that are past my shoulder and they do it fit in a regular shower cap. I bout After going through several caps and clips, bands and scarfs.. I figured there wasn't much I can do. I came across this on Grommet and it is perfect! I can stuff all of my hair into it & pull it up so that it doesn't get wet in the shower. The drawstring has held up great too. I wish it came in different colors. I would buy them all. And I will probably give them as Christmas gifts. Well done!More > < Less


Best shower ever


Wow, I was skeptical if this shower cap would be worth it, but it definitely is. I've tried all types of shower caps and this is by far the best. Keeps my hair nice and dry. I also purchased one for my daughter who has long, thick hair and she loves it too!! Thank you!!More > < Less


Very functional


This shower cap is not pretty but it is very functional. I only have shoulder length hair but it is very thick. I can't get it into a regular shower cap like you can buy at the drug store but it all fits in this cap. Good Job!More > < Less





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Virtuosa Beauty | Drawstring Shower Cap

About Virtuosa Beauty

Shower Smarter

Shower caps haven’t seen much innovation since your grandma’s time. Virtuosa’s adjustable shower cap changed that with its durable, double-ended design. It fits all of your hair—no matter length or style—and won’t crush or dent it.

And this shower cap is made to last in Fall River, Massachusetts. The waterproof, breathable fabric protects your hair without making your scalp too hot. The cap is machine washable, too.

Founders Tamara Zagorovskaya, Alexandra Holtzman, and Caitlin Palmer met at Harvard Business School. They agreed that styling their hair every day took too long. Together they created Virtuosa to spend more time on the things that mattered.

To use Virtuosa, pull it around your neck and sweep your hair out from underneath. With the loop in front, raise it up to your forehead and gently lift the other end until all your hair is inside. Cinch it closed and secure the toggle through the front loop.

We like that this shower cap is head and shoulders above the disposable ones. Now you can easily extend the life of your salon visit or just go longer between washes for healthier hair.