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Ultra supportive style targeted for fitness enthusiasts who need maximum wrist support and stability. Not recommended for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Chronic Swelling.

  • Available in 4 sizes: XS, S, M and L
  • Sold in pairs, with one right and one left glove, unisex
  • Non-Slip fabric on exterior palm
  • Inner palm liner that absorbs moisture and odor
  • Form fitting Lycra mesh with wedge shaped gel that retains its shape
  • Machine wash cold, air dry
  • Made in China
  • Click here for Ultra size chart

20 Reviews (4.1 out of 5 Grommets)


No more pain in my hands!

by for Ultra Fitness Gloves

This is the second pair I have bought. That says it all...love them.


Love them

by for Ultra Fitness Gloves

These gloves help me tremendously when I have to put downward pressure on my wrist. i have arthritis in my fingers and wrist and they make exercising bearable.


really helps with wrist pain!

by for Ultra Fitness Gloves

I'm a 60 year old plus-size gal who loves yoga, but have been experiencing some really unpleasant wrist pain in some of the positions. These gloves make a significant difference and make it much more comfortable to do Downward Dog and other positions that put a lot of weight and pressure on my wrists. Thanks for a great product!



by for Ultra Fitness Gloves

Love them. I have terrible joint pain in my hands and these gloves really help! They are a little hard to get off but it's worth it.


deliriously happy

by for Ultra Fitness Gloves

I had to do most of my yoga practice on my fists for years due to wrist pain problems. Now I can do most of the yoga practice with my hands flat like other people. The Ultra Fitness gloves are also more forgiving that other wrist supports when doing bound poses. These gloves lets me do more arm balances. Its like I am getting a big chunk of my yoga practice back

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Joint Protection Products - WAGs Wrist Assured Gloves

About Wrist Assured Gloves

Wrist Assist

A little extra support goes a long way when you’re doing weight-bearing exercises that can strain your wrists.

After a soccer accident made certain yoga moves uncomfortable for Paula Wilbert, she searched for a product that would give her the wrist support she needed. When she couldn’t find one, Paula -- who’s an occupational therapist -- created her own. She experimented with different materials and teamed with a seamstress, Judy Lawson, to fashion a glove around the ergonomic gel pad she designed. The result is WAGs (Wrist Assured Gloves).

The heart of WAGs is Paula’s anatomically contoured
gel wedge that’s inserted into the palm. The gel pad supports your hand and wrist as you move through yoga, Pilates and other fitness sequences. It has a V-shaped cutout to avoid compressing the median nerve, which transverses the wrist, and a non-slip exterior to provide added stability.

There are three styles that provide varying levels of wrist support. Pro is Paula’s original glove, featuring the ergonomically designed gel pad. Ultra combines the same contoured gel pad with an elastic wrist wrap for extra support, and Flex is a cross-training style with a slimmer gel pad for a wider range of activities, including cycling and strength training.

If you don’t want wrist pain to slow you down when you’re on a long bike ride, or distract you when you’re doing yoga or lifting weights, try WAGs. Relief is in the palm of your hand.

-- Ann
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