Power+ Solar Charger and Flashlight

By WakaWaka

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The WakaWaka Power+ is a rugged, ultra-efficient solar lamp beautifully designed to work for everyone. It provides up to 150 hours of bright LED light on a single charge from the sun. It also can fully charge smartphones, cameras, and other gear via USB ports.

  • Materials: 100% recycled PC-ABS plastic, electronic components
  • Care: Wipe with a damp cloth
  • Completely charges a smartphone in 2 hours; provides up to 150 hours of light on a single charge
  • Flexible positioning, including table top, on a bottle, or hanging from the ceiling
  • 4 light settings: from 5 to 75 lumen
  • Full battery after 12 to 24 hours in the sun
  • Includes SOS emergency beacon
  • Can charge in the sun or from an outlet
  • Patented Invitation SunBoost chip
  • Includes 1 3000 mAh Lithium Metal battery
  • Every purchase will help spread light and power to the more than 1 billion people living without access to electricity
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 8.7" x 5.5" x 1.1"
  • Weight: 0.8 lb.

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solar flashlight


I bought this a few years ago and I still like it and still use it.


Don't know what I did befor I had this device


Never worry about not having a source for charging my phone, especially when traveling or going out to dinner and need to recharge. Very handy since most restaurants don't have outlets near the dinner tables.More > < Less


The best and strongest idea EVER!


We have some electricity on our sailboat provided by 4 solar panels but don't want to waste any on interior lights. This design is awesome as we can light up a large cabin by hanging one at each end of the 10' x 8' room. Charges in a couple of hours in the sun and is good to go again for another 6 hours in the evening. So relieved we can charge our cell phones too with the USB port. I bought 3 for my home in case of an emergency. I love that one is donated for each one purchased to a family without electricity! Heavy duty and long lasting!More > < Less


More useful than the original WakaWaka


I have the original solar flashlight, and it still works very well. Great for camping or walking the dog at night. When I saw the new one withnew one with a charger, had to get one for me and one for each of the kids. They think it's a little bulky but like theMore > < Less


Love love love this !


This was a gift to my daughter who is into traveling and camping and long distance biking riding. She loved it.

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WakaWaka - Light & Power +

About WakaWaka

Spread Light

Camille Van Gestel and Maurits Groen are on a mission to bring light to people who need it. The two cofounders of Off-Grid Solutions created the WakaWaka light, a rechargeable solar lamp that can provide 8-80 hours of light, depending on the brightness settings you choose.

For people who have no access to the electrical grid, the WakaWaka light is a safe, affordable alternative to using kerosene lamps, which pose fire risks and cause health problems. It’s also ideal for people who travel off the grid or choose to live an unplugged lifestyle. At home, it’s a practical solution for camping, emergency preparedness, and everyday outdoor activities.

In strong sunlight, the WakaWaka light takes about 4-5 hours to fully charge. The solar LED lamp has four lighting modes—super bright torch, bright ambient light, bright reading light, and night safety light—plus an SOS beacon mode for emergencies. A cutout in the recycled plastic housing fits over the top of a bottle to create a lamp, and the WakaWaka can put out enough light for everyone around a table to read.

WakaWaka is special because of its state-of-the-art solar technology—and its social mission. For every light purchased, another is subsidized in places where electric power isn’t an option. With safe, low-cost light, more families will be able to read, study, work, and socialize after the sun sets.