Refillable Nespresso® Capsule

By WayCap

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Reduce waste while using your own coffee in this refillable Nespresso® capsule. The Italian-made, stainless-steel pod is compatible with several Nespresso® machines. Four interchangeable filter tops let you find your perfect grind, while the convenient dispenser and tamper make the capsule easy to fill and take on the go—without making a mess.

  • Materials: Capsule: Stainless steel 304 AISI; Dispenser & tamper: Kostrate
  • Includes: One refillable steel capsule with 4 interchangeable tops, one tamper, and one dispenser with two lids
  • Instructions: Place the capsule inside the measuring cup and pour a scant teaspoon of coffee into it. Press very lightly with tamper. Pour another scant teaspoon in and level it, adding coffee or taking excess coffee away using the line inside the measuring cup as a reference. Close the capsule and brew your coffee. For finer coffee use the filter top with more slots
  • Compatible with 12 versions of Nespresso Machines: Pixie, Inissia, Essenza, Essenza Mini, Lattissima, U, Citiz, Expert, Prodigio, Maestria, Creatista, and Nespresso by KitchenAid. Not compatible with Vertuo or Vertuo Deluxe models and some older Essenza models (these models are easy to identify because they have a metal lever versus newer model with a plastic lever)
  • Steel design is reusable
  • Easy to use with dispenser and tamper system
  • Allows you to use your choice of coffee beans
  • Patented interchangeable filter top system allows you to use different types of grinds
  • Dispenser can also be used for on-the-go storage
  • Warning: Capsule gets hot. Do not touch the capsule for at least 10 minutes after use. Keep out of reach of children
  • Please note: The Nespresso® trademark is not the property of WayCap srl. There is no affiliation between Nespresso®, Nestle Nespresso S.A.®, Societe des Produits Nestle S.A.® and their affiliates and WayCap srl
  • Made in Italy
  • Dimensions: Capsule: 1" x 1.4" diameter; Tamper: 2.75" x 0.96" diameter; Dispenser: 2.36" x 2" diameter
  • Weight: 0.19 lb

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Great buy

1/12/2019 by Freddie

Worked great.......better than I expected and would recommend to all Nespresso owners


Finally One that Works

1/9/2019 by Donald

I like this refillable capsule. It works, it is well made and the included tamper and filler device are well designed. I have tried several other refillable capsules for my Nespresso and they did not last or work well.

It took a few tries to get the correct amount and packing of the capsule, and occasionally I pack too much and have to push the button a second or third time to fill the cup, but the stainless steel construction help up well, and I get a good cup. The creama is not quite the same as commercial single use capsules, but the savings in being able to fill and use my own espresso grind coffee is worth the difference. I have not yet needed to change "O" rings, but there are spares included with the unit. It is well packaged and I expect to use it for many years.
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Product suggestion

12/9/2018 by Andrea

Think the idea is grand, but would like the kit to include 5-7 pods, so you can fill once for the week. One of the great things about the existing system is it is fast, when I hav go pull out coffe, tamp down and fill for each cup, it defeats the purpose, ok with higher price if I got multiple pods. Been waiting for this...More > < Less


Looking forward to a package with at least two pods

3/26/2019 by Constance

I hope to see this product released with the option of getting two pods without buying the whole kit twice.


Love the idea, but....

1/8/2019 by Suzanne

I really love the idea of a refillable pod, but I must say I'm having trouble getting a consistent coffee flavor. I am still negotiating back and forth with the changeable screens and amount of packing....but have yet to achieve a good strong cup of coffee. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know your tricks! Missing my lattes!More > < Less

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About WayCap

Eco To Go

Musicians and Waycap co-founders Davide De Ruvo, Matteo Pibiri, and Matteo Rossi went through a lot of throwaway Nespresso® coffee pods during their practice sessions. When they noticed the basket full of waste they created, they decided to make an eco-friendly solution.

Their goal was to raise awareness of the damage caused by a "throwaway" lifestyle—and they did just that by creating a refillable stainless steel Nespresso® capsule. Made in Italy, each capsule not only lets you choose your own coffee, it includes four filter tops to achieve the grind of coffee you prefer. (More slits for espresso-ground coffee, fewer slits for a coarser grind.) The dispenser and included tamper are are easy to use, letting you fill the coffee evenly with no mess. It closes at both ends, so you can enjoy your personalized coffee with a conscience wherever you go.