Adventure Bracelet

By Wazoo Survival Gear

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You’ll hardly know this tough, low-profile survival bracelet is there, but it will save your wazoo if disaster strikes. Essential tools are cleverly concealed inside the hand woven design—helping you do anything from preventing hypothermia to first aid for injuries, signaling for rescue, and providing equipment to help catch food or build shelter. Unravel the sturdy, hand woven paracord to access whatever you need.

  • Made in the USA: Louisiana and Texas
  • Materials: Nylon paracord, plastic, EPDM rubber, latex, ceramic, polyolefin, ferrocerium metal, brass, and steel; FAT Packets contain: Cotton, bacitracin zinc, neomycin, polymyxin B sulfate, and pramoxine hydrochloride
  • Care: Remove all loose accessories from buckle and bracelet, hand wash with brush and dish soap, or put in dishwasher on cold. Rinse thoroughly and open air dry
  • Sizing: Measure tightly around your wrist. See sizing instructions
  • Includes: Paracord, firestarter buckle, liquid-filled compass, whistle, ceramic knife, ranger bands, First Aid Tinder (FAT) Packets, surgical tubing, fishing line, hooks, split shot weights, safety pins, straw, signal mirror, retro-reflector, and glow light
  • Designed to be low-profile and stylish while packing basic survival necessities with 16 different multifunctional tools arranged in a 23 piece survival kit—incorporates tools to start a fire, fish/trap, repair gear, signal for help and more
  • If used for an emergency, report back to Wazoo, send the scraps, and they’ll make sure to re-equip you for the next adventure
  • Note: Not appropriate for children. Product contains rubber and triple antibiotic substances that may cause allergic reaction in certain individuals. Some parts are very small and extremely sharp and should be handled only with utmost care and understanding Products are designed to aid in survival situations and are not a substitute for learning and practicing basic survival skills
  • Dimensions: 10" x 1" x 1"
  • Weight: 0.1 lb.

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Great Product!

8/3/2016 by Donna

Bought this for my son who climbs mountains (for a living). I hope he will never have to use it but if he does, I hope it will help out in a time of need.More > < Less



12/31/2015 by Tina

This was a gift and the person that got it was pleased with the look and fit. Hopes to never have to use it but happy with all it contains if needed.More > < Less



12/31/2015 by Tina

This was a gift. The person receiving it was very pleased with the fit and excited about all it contained. Hoping to never need it but happy to have it.More > < Less

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In your face, Mother Nature—you're no match for this bracelet.

About Wazoo Survival Gear

Survival Fashion

Using their emergency preparedness and engineering skills, Wazoo Founders Dustin Hogard and Nick Blackman designed sleek survival bracelets that are equipped to handle just about any serious situation. And they are proudly Made in the USA.

Their American-made paracord bracelets have the emergency tools woven inside, creating a low profile that’s easy to wear. Originally used in parachute suspension lines, paracord is a lightweight, tough nylon rope.

Dustin and Nick are both avid adventurers whose first-hand search and rescue experience informed which tools are included. From basics like a compass or antibiotic cream, to more serious gear like a fire starter or the means to catch food or build shelter, you’ll be prepared. If the time comes, unravel the paracord to access whichever accessories you need.

Once the bracelet is unraveled, it doesn’t go back together. But if you really need it, you’ll be glad it was there to save your wazoo.