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This cute box is like a collapsible cat bed, giving your kitty the compression therapy they love in a design that far outwits the tattered shoebox. It’s designed to fold and store, and the durable nylon is extra easy to clean. Cats love squeezing into these, and you’ll love supporting something Made in the USA.

  • Made in the USA: Albuquerque, NM
  • Materials: Constructed of coated nylon canvas with a recycled pressed felt core
  • Care: Fabric is water repellent. Easily cleaned with a wet or dry cloth, or a lint brush. Please do not put box in the washing machine, as the felt core will shrink
  • Directions for assembly: Simply grasp adjacent edges and snap into place at the four corners. To unfold, unsnap sides and fold flaps inward to stow
  • Easily unsnaps for flat storage or travel
  • Flexible but firm enough to hold its form
  • Therapeutic compression design recommended by veterinarians to calm anxiety and provide comfort
  • Please note: While this may look small for a cat it is supposed to fit snugly and provide compression
  • One size fits up to a 16 lbs. cat or dog
  • Dimensions: Snapped: 12.5" x 7.5" x 5.5"; Flat: 22.5" x 18" x 0.25"
  • Weight: 0.38 lb.

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My cats give it 5 stars!


I no more than got this snapped together and on the floor than one of my cats was in it, looking very contented! Since they both love boxes, this was a hit. It is durable and well-made, which makes it a 'hit' for me, as well.More > < Less


A+ rating from my cat


My cats love boxes, but they also love to tear them up, leaving cardboard strewn about the house. Gambling that the compression box might provide the comfort of a box and lower the destructive tendencies of my duo, I purchased one. The quieter of the two, a female, immediately claimed it as hers. She now sleeps inside the box until her brother decides it is time for her nap to be over and play to begin. Although he hasn't shown much interest, I plan to purchase another box for a different part of the house.

Such a great, well made product.
More > < Less


good for whiskerrelief


I find that the cats (I have 6) like the bowl but I can't put much in it because it will spill out when they eat. I did buy 5 of them and I think I'll have to start putting some food in all of them. the cats can push the bowl off the rubber piece under it. Cleans up real well and I like haveing an easy sanitary bowl. I have alo put wet food in the bowl. I really do feel they like the bowl and prefer it over the typical bowl. The wet food doesn't get pushed out. I think maybe 2 cats were eating out of the same bowl at the same time. I don't recall the price but I know it was pricey. The box it comes in is beautiful but thats not important but it does raise the price. This bowl won't crack and very highgenic. You just get the feeling it is really easier for the cat.The fancy box should be replaced and the price lower. Many people have more than one cat and it doesn't need to be priced that high. Get a write up in a cat magazine and make your money off volume sold. Its unique and people will want to know about it. I'm glad I bought them!More > < Less


My cat LOVES this box


My cat has been in this box since we received our order, he loves it. The piece is very well made and looks nice. Thanks for making a greatking a great item for my cat to enjoy.More > < Less


Midas loves his BOX


My cat is LARGE! He somehow squeezes into this little box each night. He just loves this box. Wish you made one a little larger for larger cats so that it came up higher on his body. He hangs out of his, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. The box is no longer rectangular. It is his special space to go to. I’m so happy I bought it for him. Usually you buy something for your cat and they play with the box it came in. This is the exception.More > < Less

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About Whisker+Box

Cozy Cat

If you've got a cat, you know they love snuggling up in small spaces.

This Made in the USA, collapsible cat bed is just the right size for your cat to get cozy—and it's much cuter and more functional than a cardboard box.

Maker and animal advocate Andrea Petrini’s thorough research and eye for design is evident in this seemingly simple contraption. She made sure the durable nylon canvas was easy to clean and incorporated the folding mechanism of a cardboard box into its collapsible design.

Whisker+Box was all the rage with cat parents at our office. It quickly became their kitties’ go-to sleep spot.

You’ll love watching your kitty squeeze and bask in something attractive, sturdy, and American made.