iPhone Identification Stickers

By Whooz?

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Whooz? charger stickers are full of personality, and will set your device accessories apart, so you'll always know which ones are yours.

  • Made in USA
  • Materials: Removable vinyl labels
  • Each pack contains 4 sheets of labels, each sheet with its own distinct design
  • Each sheet contains stickers for: earbuds, both ends of iPhone 4 cable, both ends of iPhone 5 cable, and charger
  • Character Set: Rico, Cindy, Charlene, Dexter
  • Domesticated Set: Cat, Bird, Fish, Dog
  • Dimensions: 3.25" x 6" x 0.1"
  • Weight: 0.06 lb.
    Character Descriptions:
  • Rico: He's as smooth as they come. Rico is always in the right place at the right time. He catches animals falling out of trees and magically appears to fix your flat tire. He talks like music, walks like music, and spins a set that will make you melt. He never combs his hair, but you know he's lookin' good
  • Cindy: This girl does what she wants. She's a no nonsense, get 'er done, got your back type. Skateboards are her wheels of choice. She can ollie with a latte in her hand and a business call on the Bluetooth. She's got a soft spot for bunnies and ice cream. She says her bunny can ollie too. We don't believe it
  • Charlene: She's as sweet as the pies on her windowsill. Born in the smalltown south, she was raised to love big. She's a hopeless romantic and proud. Charlene may be tame but on the dance floor she unleashes, with a wall of trophies to prove it. She prefers zydeco, but you gotta see her Gangnam moves
  • Dexter: He had a tough time growing up, but then the century turned, dorks reappropriated cool and now Dex is the man. He can make you a website, program your house to clean itself, and fry up the best grilled cheese of your life. He also plays harmonica in a band. What more could you want?

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Sooo cute


These are sooo cute! No more “whose cable is this”. Gave a set to my Grandson and his friends all want to know where he got them!




Really enjoyed these. So much fun.


IPhone ID Stickers


Very cute.. gave as a gift.




Happy grandkids with these cute cords!




These stickers are so adorable and everyone I have shared them with loved them. It also helps you identify your cord in a crowd.

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Whooz? - Charger Stickers

About Whooz?

Make It Personal

Give your iOS charger what it needs to stand out in a tangle of white peripherals: a little personality.

After Sativa Turner and a roommate had trouble telling apart their identical chargers, she thought about labeling hers with tape or permanent marker. The graphic designer in her couldn’t bear to spoil the look with random markings, so she created a more aesthetic—and much more fun—identification system.

Sativa’s Whooz? stickers are removable vinyl labels for chargers, USB cables and earbuds. You can stake a claim on your stuff with Rico, Cindy, Charlene and Dexter (the quirky characters Sativa created to jazz up our peripherals) or go for solid color identifiers. Each pack contains 4 sheets of labels, and each sheet has enough labels to cover one charger, USB cable, and set of earbuds.

It’s not uncommon for a single household to have multiple iPhones, iPads and iPods—which means multiple white power cords plugged into every available outlet. Shared charging stations at airports, libraries and coffee shops are a sea of identical cords, too. When you’re seeing iOS accessories here, there and everywhere, Whooz makes yours different.