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When you first see someone wearing Batucada skin jewelry, it’s striking and intriguing. The intricate, delicate shapes resemble a tattoo—with a sense of geometry and fluidity.

Paris-based fashion brand Batucada makes this silicone-like jewelry from 100% recycled materials. This idea was inspired by Brazilian resort culture,
where wearing accessories to the beach is the norm. But wearing regular jewelry around the sand and sea isn’t very practical.

Founder Loick Leblond came up with these detailed, beach-friendly bracelets—handcrafted, feather-light, and easy to clean with soapy water. The incredible patterns are the work of Batucada’s designers, who have worked with some of Europe’s most iconic fashion houses. The designs are drawn from nature, movement, and culture—you can see the hint of tropical flowers or water droplets. The flexible material sits seamlessly against the skin, giving the impression of delicate inkwork.
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Batucada - Skin Jewelry

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Katerina

    Hello Grommet! I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about our new and elegant eco-friendly fashions from Batucada.

  • Wendy
    5/20/2015 12:26 PM

    Could they stretch enough to get around your ankle?

  • Katerina
    Katerina – Special Guest
    5/20/2015 12:38 PM


    Hi Wendy! It really does depend on the ankle size - while they do have an "elastic feel," the intricate design makes for a limited ability to "stretch."

  • Stella
    5/20/2015 12:29 PM

    As an UP-CYCLE artist myself I LOVE the look of these! Wonderfuyl concept. …from design to recycled . Only one color option?

  • Katerina
    Katerina – Special Guest
    5/20/2015 12:39 PM


    Hi Stella - the drops bracelet is also available in both white and crème - let The Grommet know what colors you may like to see offered and we will see what we can do!

  • Wendy
    5/20/2015 12:36 PM

    Question answered - I watched the video!

  • maryann
    5/20/2015 12:38 PM

    Please make one that fits around the new Apple watch!!

  • Katerina
    Katerina – Special Guest
    5/20/2015 12:40 PM


    LOVE that idea!!!! Will get to work on a "fix" for that right away.

  • Michelle
    5/20/2015 12:48 PM

    I absolutely love the drops bracelet, but I have really small wrists (5"). Is there any way to make it smaller?

  • Katerina
    Katerina – Special Guest
    5/20/2015 12:51 PM


    Absolutely Michelle! All the bracelets have a varied opportunity for length and particularly with the drops design - the leaves truly lend themselves to any size wrist. With the "over-under" clasping motion, you can always "tuck" any extra links or even trim them. Truly an incredibly versatile piece of jewelry :)

  • Monica
    5/20/2015 1:11 PM

    I WISH I had a 5-inch wrist, but mine is close to 8-inches; most bracelets are at least 1 inch too short for me to fasten. Do you think I could wear a Batacuda???

  • Monica
    5/20/2015 1:23 PM


    Never mind, just saw the dimensions listed, and measured my wrist. Because the bracelet lies flat against the skin, it should be fine -- what do you think?

  • Katerina
    Katerina – Special Guest
    5/20/2015 1:24 PM


    Hi Monica - yes! The 3 styles featured during launch will not likely be a suitable fit however, there are other bracelets in the collection that go up to 9 inches and look absolutely stunning! There is no "perfectly" sized wrist - only perfectly sized our's ;)... Please let our friends at the Grommet know that you would like to see some offerings that include size alternatives.

  • Margo
    5/20/2015 2:26 PM

    @monica I have a 7.5" wrist and I did not have them on their tightest link for the photoshoot so you will be all set :)

  • Katerina
    Katerina – Special Guest
    5/20/2015 3:20 PM


    Thanks for the awesome feedback Margo!

  • Monica
    5/20/2015 10:17 PM

    @Katerina Margo, you're fabulous! Thank you!

  • Stephanie
    5/20/2015 1:12 PM

    Looks awesome. Maybe you can check out to see if a bronzed or copper color option would be viable - personal fave....

  • Katerina
    Katerina – Special Guest
    5/20/2015 1:25 PM


    Hi Stephanie - we recently did a bronze foot jewel for an off broadway production of Anthony and Cleopatra - it was gorgeous - you are definitely on to something!

  • mj
    5/20/2015 6:33 PM

    @Katerina I would like a metallic also--something ankle-sized in silver!

  • Marie
    5/20/2015 10:19 PM

    @mj I agree with MJ--something metallic like copper or bronze in an anklet. Hopefully you will have larger sizes there too.

  • Helen
    5/20/2015 1:15 PM

    I love the idea. I am short and fat with short arms and small hands. I would love one of these in a narrower style. Other colors and designs would be welcome. I will be checking back.

  • Katerina
    Katerina – Special Guest
    5/20/2015 1:27 PM


    Hi Helen - watch this space - there may be more coming!

  • Monica
    5/20/2015 10:16 PM

    @Katerina I sure HOPE so, Katerina -- but I haven't heard a reply yet from The Grommet. Please thank Margo for her reassurance.

  • Kt
    5/20/2015 1:37 PM

    Hi there. The concept and designs of these bracelets are beautiful. My concern is with the material used. It is my understanding that Polyvinyl chloride, PVC, in its many forms may pose a health risk.

    Has Batucada done any research on the toxicity of their bracelets? Thank you.

  • Katerina
    Katerina – Special Guest
    5/20/2015 1:54 PM


    Hi KT - yes indeed - Batucada's materials are FREE of all the typical "offenders" including phthalates & lead. Phtalates are almost always found (as an additive) in any PVC production because that is the chemical that usually gives the product a softer more flexible character. This is not the case with our jewelry - it is in fact our process and NOT the use of phthalates that promotes a soft & silky feel. We are proudly California Proposition 65 compliant and love creating pieces that not only love you back, but also that respect our environment.

  • chris
    5/20/2015 2:20 PM

    where can I find the larger sized bracelets ?

  • Katerina
    Katerina – Special Guest
    5/20/2015 2:27 PM


    Right Here! With enough requests - we may be able to bring them to you on

  • Michelle
    5/20/2015 4:59 PM

    I have a severe latex allergy. Is this a latex product? They are lovely!

  • Katerina
    Katerina – Special Guest
    5/20/2015 5:16 PM


    Hi Michelle - they are completely latex AND Nickel FREE!

  • Kathleen
    5/20/2015 5:15 PM

    I love this idea! I have a few tattoos...but am not willing to do one on my wrist that is forever. I have seen something that looks like a floating chain bracelet....just an idea...that I would buy if you made it!

  • Katerina
    Katerina – Special Guest
    5/20/2015 5:17 PM


    Tell us more or send us a picture!

  • mary
    5/20/2015 8:00 PM

    Hello Ms.Katerina, this is an absolutely phenomenal product. Im sure creative minds are racing w beautiful ingenious ideas of so many designs and ways to use this substance. Is there a way I could speak w you? I may have something that hasnt been thought of. Ive spoke w quite a few people of socioeconomic diversity and style from"starving artist" to Physicians in all of which would purchase the idea if came to fruition. Im purchasing several of the drops. Cant wait to wear it! Thank you for the creative amazing product. Looking forward to speaking w you. Sincerely, Maryanne

  • Katerina
    Katerina – Special Guest
    5/20/2015 8:27 PM


    I would love to hear from you Maryanne! I will investigate the best way for us to exchange contact details and look forward to hearing how you enjoy the bracelet!

The launch day conversation has ended. Please direct further questions about this Grommet to our Community Experience Team.