Dona Bela Shreds

Upcycled Fabric Scarf

Fashion Reinvented

The colorful upcycled scarves from Dona Bela Shreds are the brainchild of Allison Davidson Motoyama. Back in 2010, she learned about "end knits"—strips of material that gets discarded during the process of making clothes.

All that perfectly good material (up to 15% of it) going unused inspired Allison to reduce that waste and
make a fashion statement. The scarves are made in Iowa with the material that is (literally) left on the cutting room floor at nearby clothing companies.

Allison and her team sort the fabric strips by color and pattern. Because they never know what they’re going to get, no two scarves are the same. Instead, each is a unique blend of shades and prints hand-picked to work together. The result of this sustainably savvy effort is a soft, one-of-a-kind scarf that does good while looking good, too.
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With these upcycled scarves, there’s no fabric left behind.

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Lindsey

    Hi everyone! I'm Lindsey, Shred Guru! Dona Bela Shreds is a fashion neckwear line that upcycles textile remnants and designs them into unique, handmade creations. We are excited to be featured as today's Grommet. I'm happy to answer any questions or comments you may have!

  • Virginia
    1/13/2017 10:45 AM

    WOW!! I love this idea! I'll be following you for sure.

  • Chad
    Chad – Grommet Team
    1/13/2017 10:48 AM

    @Virginia Thank you for the support!

  • Carly
    1/13/2017 11:13 AM

    Hi Lindsey! Love this idea. What is the average size of the scarf?

  • Chad
    Chad – Grommet Team
    1/13/2017 12:27 PM

    @Carly Although each scarf is different, they should all be right around 20 inches in length.

  • J
    1/13/2017 1:11 PM

    @Chad Any chance they will have RED in the future? Coral just isn't for me but would love a red combo. Thanks.

  • Chad
    Chad – Grommet Team
    1/13/2017 1:45 PM

    @J Hi there! Currently the four on the dropdown menu are all that is available at the moment, but with enough demand we may look into getting additional colors if there is enough demand.

  • Rachel
    1/13/2017 1:13 PM

    I've been looking for something unique to wrap around my aging neck. Ti love this idea. ????

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