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Bubi Bottle

Collapsible Water Bottle

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The perfect size for a gym class, a hike, or any activity where it pays to travel light, this BPA-free water bottle is foldable, versatile, and durable.

  • Made of high grade silicone. BPA-free and FDA-approved for food contact.
  • The 1.75 inch opening provides easy filling and dispensing. 
  • The mouth has a retainer which meters the water flow and can be removed to add ice. 
  • Produced in two sizes: 14oz and 22oz
  • Care: the bottle can be cleaned easily with a brush or place in the dishwasher
  • Made in China

185 Reviews (3.6 out of 5 Grommets)


Like this

by for Collapsible Water Bottle

I have had this for a while now and use it pretty often. I never collapse it. The only issue I have with the bottle is that when taking a sip, it often drips due to the bottle mouth construction.


OK, but not a winner

by for Collapsible Water Bottle

You can freeze the filled bottle, but the rounded bottom makes it impossible to stand it unsupported, and if the bottle was frozen, it condenses water rapidly, so you will have to wrap in in something or everything around it will get drenched.


Leaky top

by for Collapsible Water Bottle

I like this product except for the fact that the top doesn't seal. I can live with the wobbly stance.


Didn't work for us

by for Collapsible Water Bottle

Sounded like a great concept. I bought two, for a trip. Right away I discovered I don't like the material these bottles are made of. It has a weird stickiness, dust and sand stick to it, it never feels clean in your hand. Also when full it doesn't stand up on its "bottom" very well, you have to rest it upside down on the cap. Fair enough, except then it is very very hard to keep them from leaking! Yes, we were careful about threading the caps on properly and tightening them down, however in order to prevent leaking you have to tighten the cap so tightly it's really hard to get the cap off! We abandoned these within a couple of days, and I must say the ability to fold and contain them did come in handy then because they spent the rest of the trip in our suitcase. They were expensive; I will send them back.


Can't wait to use it

by for Collapsible Water Bottle

Will be using the water bottle on a backpacking trip through Italy. I like the amount of water it'll hold. Being able to attach it to the backpack will definitely be a plus, and when not in use, can roll up, saving space in my already tightly packed backpack. Great idea.....looking forward to using it.

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Bubi Bottle - Scrunchable Water Bottle

About Bubi Bottle

Handy Hydration

Can your current water bottle scrunch right up and fit in your pocket? Double as a cold or hot compress? Store snacks or, better yet, your cell phone on a biking, boating, or camping trip?

Meet the Bubi, the first scrunchable, collapsible, BPA-free, mold-resistant water bottle. Made from silicone, one of earth’s most available resources and chemical free, the Bubi Bottle is microwave-safe, freezer-safe, and best of all, it can be collapsed to fit in your pocket or bag. Just squeeze, roll, press, and tuck it away.

Water bottles have evolved; Bubi is the next generation.



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