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Student entrepreneur Corinne Prevot turned a passion for skiing into a business. Uninspired by the fashion options for cross-country skiers, she started designing and making her own hats -- first for herself, then for family, friends and fellow skiers. Demand snowballed from there, and today Corinne creates a range of hats and neckwarmers in distinctive, energetic patterns.

Skida’s Nordic Hat is made from an unlined,
lightweight fabric that’s moisture-wicking so your head stays dry. It’s ideal for skiing, running, skating, and other outdoor activities. Skida’s insulated hats are lined with a layer of soft fleece and the neckwarmers are lined with lightweight microfibre, for protection from the harshest winter cold.

Today Corinne works with a network of seamstresses in the Newport, Vermont area, which was once a hotspot for apparel making, to keep up with demand for Skida’s spirited hats and cold weather accessories. Keeping the sewing work local is a priority for Corinne, who has big plans for her growing business and budding social entrepreneurship.

— Ann
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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Corinne

    Hi Everyone! It's so exciting that the Daily Grommet has chosen Skida hats and accessories as its Daily Grommet. Its true that I started Skida while in high school; as a cross country ski racer in Vermont I wanted to sport a hat that was a little more fun and colorful. Now Skida offers a whole product line that will you keep you colorful and warm whether you are on the slopes, on the trail or cruising town. I am happy to share with you today the colorful fun created by Skida. I am still in school and am studying abroad this fall and am on the opposite side of the world today, so my Mom, Margie, will be available today to answer any questions.

  • Michelle Thelen
    Michelle Thelen
    11/1/2011 12:31 PM

    Love the vibrant colors in your line. Can you tell me where they are made?



  • Margie
    11/1/2011 12:52 PM

    @Michelle Thelen: Hi Michelle, Skida products are made in Vermont!

  • Wendy
    11/1/2011 12:51 PM

    Can you tell us a bit more about the fabrics you use? Are the hats stretchy? Do they come in different sizes?

  • Margie
    11/1/2011 1:38 PM

    @Wendy: Hi Wendy, The fabric we use a 4 way stretch and are made of a blend of nylon/poly/spandex. So yes, they are stretchy. The hats come in s/m size which fits most women.

  • Elizabeth Varner
    Elizabeth Varner
    11/1/2011 12:56 PM

    What are the hats lined with? Are the neck warmers lined?

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    11/1/2011 1:09 PM

    @Elizabeth Varner: You can find detailed information about a Grommet under its video but above the story on a tab called 'Details'. It is easy to miss and so I wanted to point it out.

    The Nordic hats are not lined. The neck warmers and fleece lined hat are lined with Polartec fleece.

  • Margie
    11/1/2011 1:38 PM

    @Elizabeth Varner: Hi Elizabeth, The neckwarmers are lined with Polartec 100 micro fleece. The hats are lined with a slightly heavier weight fleece.

  • Elizabeth
    11/1/2011 3:29 PM

    I love the bandana,but how does it close at the back, I wouldn't want it to be to bulcky at the back of my neck

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    11/1/2011 4:21 PM

    @Elizabeth: It closes with a 3" strip of Velcro to give you more flexibility in sizing it.

  • Sarah Wilde
    Sarah Wilde
    11/1/2011 9:40 PM

    Skida makes awesome hats. The colors and patterns are really fun. I always get comments on mine. Plus, they are made in Vermont!

  • Susan Zimmerman
    Susan Zimmerman
    11/2/2011 8:01 PM

    Lovin' the fashion & the function of these awesome hats. I love the the one Jenn is wearing!

    The story behind the product is awesome....great Grommet!

  • Elizabeth
    12/3/2011 3:09 PM

    Suggestion: Send a picture with your orders - like the one of the two girls wearing the hats and laughing. It would make a good addition as well as advertisement for those receiving the hats as a gift.

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    12/4/2011 1:39 AM

    @Elizabeth: That's a great suggestion!

  • Linda
    10/5/2012 12:13 PM

    These hats are the BEST!! I have one, and am going to order another. Every time I wear mine on a chilly run, I get tons of compliments.

  • Chew-Hoong
    Chew-Hoong – Grommet Team
    10/6/2012 10:42 PM

    @Linda: Fantastic! Thanks for stopping back to share

    These hats are the BEST!! I have one, and am going to order another. Every time I wear mine on a chilly run, I get tons of compliments.

  • Jerica
    10/5/2012 2:24 PM

    Heads/hats aren't generally measured in diameter. Can you provide either a hat size or circumference that the hats will fit?

  • Chew-Hoong
    Chew-Hoong – Grommet Team
    10/6/2012 10:38 PM

    @Jerica Etheridge: Around 20 to 22 " circumference. The hats are made with 4 way stretch (poly/nylon/spandex blend) so there is a range of fit.

  • Nan'c
    11/9/2012 10:35 AM

    @Chew-Hoong Do u hire homemakers in other states.(Texas)?

  •  Judy Hays
    Judy Hays
    10/6/2012 12:07 AM

    I wanted to see more of the Skida line so started searching under

    "Skida Sport" - there were some sites that I tried to click into, but couldn't find one that showed their line. Do you have the web address for Skida where I can view all of their hats? Daily Grommmet only shows a few hats, I would like to view their full line.

    Thank you, Judy Hays

    [email protected]

  • Chew-Hoong
    Chew-Hoong – Grommet Team
    10/6/2012 9:45 PM

    @ Judy Hays: We curate the strongest assortments & combinations & hope you'll enjoy the ones we offer. Will be in touch with the site info.

  •  Jacquelyn E. Scott
    Jacquelyn E. Scott
    10/8/2012 9:49 AM

    I am writing to find out if you are considering, in the future, offering some products for summer use. I really like the colors and patterns. I am looking for some products to use for an upcoming 'Relay for Life' event scheduled for next June.

  • Chew-Hoong
    Chew-Hoong – Grommet Team
    10/22/2012 12:24 AM

    @ Jacquelyn E. Scott: Skida Sport does have something that may work for you. I will contact you directly with more info.

  • Hannah
    11/1/2012 6:28 AM

    Do you make these hats for youngsters? I want to get them for my son and his family but I don't see any for my grandsons who are

    7 and 9. The family will spend a lot of time skiing and I want to know they are warm. My teenage granddaughters will love the bright colors.

  • Nan'c
    11/9/2012 10:09 AM

    I would like to help make these hats, any chance you would hire a homemaker (disabled) in San Antonio, Texas?

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