Dash & Dot Building Brick Connectors

By Wonder Workshop

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Dash & Dot’s Building Brick Connectors let children connect their favorite building brick toys directly to Dash & Dot for an even more creative experience. Connectors are compatible with LEGO bricks, Technics, Mindstorm kits, and Hero Factory.

  • Use with Dash & Dot Robots from Wonder Workshop (sold separately)
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Comes with 4 connectors
  • Use LEGO bricks to build Dash & Dot into anything you imagine with Building Brick Connectors―transform them into an airplane, a cookie dispensing machine, a drawing bot, and more
  • Especially designed to work with LEGO bricks, Technics, Mindstorm kits, and Hero Factory
  • Made in China
  • For kids 5 - 9+
  • Dimensions: 2" x 2" x 2"
  • Weight: 0.09 lbs.
Wonder Workshop - Dash & Dot Programmable Robots

About Wonder Workshop

Programming Pals

Dash and Dot are robots that bring computer logic into the real world and elevate coding from interesting to inspirational.

Coding is now cool. Schools know that programming promotes logical and creative thinking. The folks over at Wonder Workshop recognize that power, but have gone a step further by adding hands-on interaction to the mix.

Dash and Dot are adorable robots with impressive capabilities. They can move, turn, flash lights, respond to a voice, make sounds, react to each other, and more. Program them to move through a maze or dance to a song. The possibilities are endless, especially with the available Xylophone or Building Brick accessories.

Kids as young as 5 can program Dash and Dot using the free Path and Go apps. (Don’t worry, Dash and Dot are designed to be durable). For older kids (8-12), the Blockly app offers more complex challenges and capabilities. There’s even an open API for programming in Java and Objective-C.

Give coding a fun new life with Wonder Workshop. When kids interact with Dash & Dot, it’s a foundation for skills they’ll certainly use again and again.