Flexible Wood Cutting Board

By woodNflex


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Cut and transfer ingredients with a flexible cutting board. The natural wood cutting surface is backed by food-grade silicone that lends grip and bendability and adds a protective layer to your countertop. It's made in Wisconsin from North Carolina hardwood and easy to to wash and store when the food prep work is done.

  • Made in the USA: Fon du Lac, WI
  • Materials: Hardwood veneer, food-grade silicone
  • Care: Do not wash in the dishwasher. Condition wood before first use with food-grade cutting board or butcher block oil. Re-condition approximately once per month or when the wood looks dry. Clean with hot, soapy water but do not submerge or soak in a sink. Lay flat to dry. Dry immediately after washing to avoid water absorption and curling of the natural wood
  • Hybrid design fuses real hardwood veneer with a food-grade silicone
  • Flexibility allows you to easily transfer and pour ingredients
  • Lightweight and thin design makes it easy to wash and store
  • Protects your countertop and provides a sanitary, non-slip cutting surface
  • Please note: Do not excessively fold or bend backwards as this could cause the wood surface to crack. Do not use heavy force while cutting or chopping as you would with a butcher block as this could damage the natural wood surface. Some curling may occur with normal use
  • Dimensions: 11" x 14" x 0.13"
  • Weight: 1 lb

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Clever Is The Word!

9/6/2018 by Amanda

I absolutely love this cutting board. I have been waiting for something like to be invented. I know wood is better for cutting food on and for not dulling knives but I like the flexibility of the plastic cutting boards. Now, I can have the best of both world's. Ingenious!More > < Less


Best Board Ever

9/4/2018 by Jack

Until you use a flexible cutting you won't know what you are missing. Beautiful wood grain took in oil immediately.Should have bought 2.


Flex Cutting Clleanup

9/4/2018 by Andrew

Just what i wanted, the perfect gift. Very functional and aesthetically beautiful. We’ll thought out product. Thanks


Attractive, easy to use

3/24/2019 by Gay

One of the most innovative kitchen items I've ever come across. Love the flexibility and the appearance. I sure hope it holds up.


Hardwood cutting board that bends!

12/10/2018 by Michael

I have multiple cutting boards and this has become the one I use the most. The silicone back keeps it from 'creeping' across the counter as I chop. The flex allows me to easily slide whatever I've cut into a bowl or pot.More > < Less

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About woodNflex

Flex & Cut

woodNflex is the best of both types of cutting boards. It’s a flexible cutting board that pairs a real wood cutting surface with a silicone backing that lends grip and bendability.

The board is flexible enough so you can better transfer and pour ingredients and it also acts as a protective (but low-profile) surface on your countertop. It’s lightweight and super thin, so clean-up and storing it is easy, too.

Makers Corey Canfield and Matt Abbondanzio share a background in kitchen wares and created woodNflex to solve a complaint they kept hearing: that home cooks love cutting on wooden cutting boards but often found them too cumbersome. Their bendable take is made in Wisconsin from natural hardwood sourced from North Carolina and perfectly balances the look and feel of wood with the ease of silicone.