Personal Smart Air Purifier & Tracker

By Wynd


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This personal air purifier removes dust, allergens, smoke, and pollution, and helps you track when you might need to use it. It’s small enough to keep at your desk or slip into your car’s cup holder and strong enough to create a three-foot radius of clean air.

  • Materials: PC-ABS UV-resistant plastic, LEDs, rubber grip base, circuit boards, lithium ion rechargeable batteries, metal contacts, electrostatic filter interlaced with silver
  • Care: Replace filter approximately every 3 months or when the app alerts to change the filter
  • Includes one purifier with removable air quality tracker, one filter, one charger, one purifier stand, and one microfiber carrying case
  • Cleans the air around your personal space (within 3 feet of the device) by generating up to 9 liters of clean air per second
  • Great for travel, is the size of a water bottle, and weighs less than a pound
  • Included purifier stand makes it easy to prop on top of a desk
  • Easily adjust the purification level from 0-100 by turning the control ring
  • Purifier pairs with the air quality tracker (included) to automatically clean the air based on air quality
  • Filters out airborne particles including dust, allergens, pet dander, mold, and industrial pollution (anything over 0.3 microns)
  • Kills 99% of bacteria and viruses that come in contact with the filter
  • Air quality tracker can be removed and used separately to gain insight about surrounding air
  • Devices connect to a free mobile app via Bluetooth
  • Eight hours of battery life with normal use
  • Charges quickly via USB-C
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 6.8" x 3.4" diameter
  • Weight: 2.25 lbs.

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Great product and customer service


I drive all day for work and I feel great knowing that this unique air purifier is helping clean the air in my car. I can track the air quality in different areas thru the app and my Wynd adjusts to what level of filtration is needed. It gives me comfort knowing the air I breath while on the road is cleaner than before. Also, the customer service is excellent! I had issues sync'g my phone with the device and they were so helpful, even shipping out a new one. It was actually my phone with the issues but they followed through with getting me up and running. And the set up is very simple.

Highly recommend!
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Great product. Versatile. Good job.⭐️


So glad I bought this


I sit in a small office in a very old building. I could smell the dust and off gassing from the new carpet and glue. This has been very beneficial addition to my desk.More > < Less


I have IPF, Emphysema


I really feel better having this with me when I leave the house. I went to the dr. and it worked great. This flu that is going around is scary scary and I feel so much better having this small air purifier with me. Thanks so much for designing this!!!More > < Less




Not worth the money.

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Carry clean air everywhere you go.

About Wynd

Personal Air Purifier

Create your own, personal bubble of clean air and take it with you wherever you go. This personal air purifier removes dust, allergens, smoke, and pollution, and even helps you track when you might need to use it.

You adjust the air quality manually to whatever feels comfortable—or leave it to the tracker to choose the appropriate level automatically. Wynd is small enough to keep at your desk or slip into your car’s cup holder. When it’s on, it delivers nine liters (a three-foot radius) of purified air.

And its included tiny tracker changes colors and pushes notifications to your phone to warn you if the surrounding air is unhealthy. You can slide it into the bottom of the purifier or clip it on to a purse or backpack to use it independently when you’re on the go.

Maker Ramond Wu wanted to create something that would not only help people breathe cleaner air, but would also help them understand when the air around them is unhealthy—which is often difficult to detect.

People take around 20 thousand breaths every day. With Wynd, we can make sure more of those inhales are fresh and clean.