Retractable Telescoping Ladders - Home Series

By Xtend + Climb

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As easy to store as it is to climb, this expandable ladder extends rung-by-rung into a full-fledged ladder then collapses into a slim profile that’s easy to carry and store.

  • Materials: Industrial-grade aluminum
  • Care: Keep stiles and rungs clean and free from paint/debris. To clean, use furniture wipes or rubbing alcohol. Do not use a mineral or oil based cleaner
  • Please see ladder instructions before use
  • Strong, safe, and durable made from aerospace engineered industrial-grade aluminum alloy
  • Safety closure system collapses ladder rung-by-rung
  • Compact & easy to store
  • Integrated carrying handle, easy to transport with one arm
  • Extends, adjusts, and locks at ladder’s feet
  • Double over-molded feet add durability & traction
  • Clean touch anodized finish; easy to clean
  • Plastic couplings keep ladder from leaving marks on walls
  • Weight limit: 225 lbs.
  • Caution: Do not use ladder until it is completely dry
  • Average reach height: 8.5 ft: 12.5 feet; 10.5 ft: 14.5 feet; 12.5 ft: 16.5 feet
  • Height closed: 8.5 ft: 27 inches; 10.5 ft: 29 inches; 12.5 ft: 32 inches
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions (Folded): 8.5 ft: 20" x 5" x 29"; 10.5 ft: 29" x 19" x 4"; 12.5 ft: 34" x 21" x 6"
  • Weight: 8.5 ft: 16.5 lbs.; 10.5 ft: 20 lbs.; 12.5 ft: 30 lbs.

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Best ladder


This ladder worked perfectly for my husband


Excited to use!


I haven't had the chance to use the new ladder much yet, but I played with it a bit. It's easy to extend and collapse, easy to carry, and easy to store in the space I have. I have 10' ceilings in part of my house, so this ladder is exactly what I need for inside jobs. And outside, too.

Sounds nuts but I'm looking forward to cleaning all the high cabinets and bookshelves in my house now!
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Great ladder!


Perfect to have for basically any job that needs a ladder. It retracts down to a great size for storage. Very sturdy. Highly recommend.


Idea, not a review


Great product. Now think of a way one could buy two and they could be safely connected at the top so it would be like a regular ladder and you can change your ceiling light bulbs.More > < Less


Love My Lady Ladder


Perfect! This ladder is just what I wanted and needed. I call it "My Lady Ladder." I can carry and lift this ladder to any part of the house I need and want to use at. Great for reaching cobwebs in our high ceilings. Husband has a slew of ladders around here but this one is mine! I told him that he can look at it but that is all. I love my Lady Ladder. We can go to great heights!More > < Less

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Ready to Reach

These telescoping ladders and stepstools are slimmed-down versions of the classics—light enough to carry with one one arm and slight enough to store in a closet or a trunk.

Xtend + Climb’s extension ladders have a retractable design that extends into a full-fledged ladder, then collapses rung by rung into something that’s compact and easy to tow and stow.

The aluminum stepstools help tackle tasks around the house, whether it’s giving kids a boost in the bathroom or helping you reach those high shelves and closet spaces.

Carry them as effortlessly as you climb them—these robust stepping tools dispel any bulky misconceptions you might have of what a ladder looks like.