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XTENEX ACCUFIT Laces turn any lace-up shoe into one that easily slips on and off. Customize the fit with more room in some areas and more tension in others. The flexible knots hold each section in place, yet allow the laces to stretch as needed.

  • Materials: Rubber core covered in elastic fabric
  • 20" is recommended for smaller shoes and fitness shoes
  • 30" is recommended for a standard shoe
  • Auto-blocking knots that can be stretched out for easy lacing
  • Elastic knots prevent slippage. Provides all-day active fit, support, and comfort
  • Reduces foot fatigue
  • Ergonomic lace expansion relieves pressure from natural foot swelling
  • Turns any lace-up shoe into a slip-on
  • Fits any eyelet size of approximately 3 to 4 mm (standard eyelet size)
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions (in packaging): 3" x 6.2" x 1"
  • Weight: 0.05 lb.

89 Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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1/22/2016 by Mike

I have always had trouble keeping my shoe laces tied but not anymore. This is ingenious way of making laces. Thank!


Perfect for my water shoes

1/19/2016 by Linda

These stretchy laces are great! I bought them for my water aerobics shoes. It takes some technique to stretch and thread them at the same time, but once they're in, you're done. I can take the shoes on/off without any adjusting. Great invention!More > < Less



1/3/2016 by Lisa

I bought them for my athletic brother. He loved them. He said he will no longer have to worry about his shoelaces coming untied when he runs.


Love these laces.

12/23/2015 by Jean

It was taking me so long to not only put on but also take off my walking shoes due to the tightening and tying the long shoe laces. I ordered the white Accufit Laces. It took awhile for me to realize I needed to stretch out the new laces while threading them through the lace holes. Once I learned that stretching movement it was okay to lace them. Since that time all has been smooth sailing! I can pull the shoes on and off without much trouble, certainly faster than with the old laces. Another benefit is the elimination of the long lace ends. They are much more expensive than straight laces, but well worth it.More > < Less



11/17/2015 by Lynn

these make already nice shoes so much more comfortable

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Stretch + Support

Maker and dad, Mike Gonzalez couldn’t untie his son’s frozen laces on a winter day. That prompted him to create a better solution for shoe wearers everywhere.

XTENEX ACCUFIT Laces give your shoes a custom fit. Lace them up as you wish—roomier in some areas, snugger in others—and enjoy the ingenious way they stay put while still offering stretch or support where you want. Plus your shoes will easily slip on and off, no tying or untying needed.

The funky looking laces have knots every few millimeters. Stretch the laces to thread them, and the knots flatten out and disappear. When you release the tension, they reappear to keep your laces in place.

Perfect for athletic endeavors, ergonomic support, and even for shoes that are too snug with regular laces, this new way of lacing up will happily bring you to your feet.