5-In-1 Garden Multi-Tool

By Yard-X

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Tackle essential landscaping jobs with a garden multi-tool. An adjustable, 180-degree rotating aluminum hinge lets you access the tool’s different functions and lets you get the just-right feeling when you’re at work. Hoe and slice, rake and smooth, scrape and cut, edge and chop, and aerate and loosen with a sharp steel blade and tines. Lightweight, durable, and stores upright.

  • Materials: Handle: Fiberglass; Tines & blade: Steel; Hinge: Aluminum
  • Care: Keep head clean at all times. Wipe with a cloth or hose with water. Do not leave it outside in the rain or snow. Keep dry
  • Includes: One 5-in-1 Garden Multi Tool and one extra knob for securing the hinge
  • Instructions: See instructions for full information
  • Two-sided head design combines a sharp rounded hoe and a fork with seven strong tines
  • Hinge mechanism rotates 180° to adjust to the most comfortable angle for any given use
  • Can perform all the actions of a hoe, fork, rake, scraper, and hook
  • Easy to store—adjust the head to be parallel to the floor to allow it to stand up on its own
  • Fiberglass handle is weather-resistant
  • Hardened steel head is rust-resistant
  • Warning: Do not use feet on the rake or blade head. This may cause serious Injury. Do not use on ice. Tool has sharp edges, keep away from children
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 61"x 4" x 7"
  • Weight: 3.04 lbs

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Very handy tool

5/16/2019 by Pam

I am no fan of grounds upkeep, but this tool proved quite useful. Great for cutting weeds out of difficult pavement cracks without recourse to weed killer. Nice small rake for tight spaces. Easy to adjust the tool head to multiple positions to reach odd spaces. Quite happy with this purchase.More > < Less


Awesome tool

5/10/2019 by Jan

Love our new 5 in one garden tool! It works perfectly and takes up so much less storage space in our garage. Easy to change the head to the position needed. Highly recommend itMore > < Less


Works well and well made.

5/7/2019 by evhen

After 30 days I find the tool to work well. You have to try the different positions to find which ones work best in your garden for desired results. The only improvement would be maybe a spring loaded part to change the settings instead of screwing and unscrewing that part.More > < Less


Works great for me!

5/6/2019 by Ann

This multi-tool is light-weight, but very effective. With it, I accomplished three times the work I was able to do with the (unsharpened) hoe I bought at the hardware store. I have a yard full of weeds and volunteer blackberries that will now be cleared in record time! I plan to use this Yard-X often.More > < Less


Makes quick work of gardening chores.

5/6/2019 by Lilli

I planted my yard in expensive zyosia grass. The neighbors on both sides have bermuda grass. That stinkin' weedy stuff keeps trying to invade my yard. This tool helps me cut the roots of that invasive grass as soon as it tries to get under my edging. I love this tool!More > < Less

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About Yard-X

Garden Multi-Tool

Landscaper and Yard-X Maker Frank Fragale was facing the ultimate landscaper’s dilemma; too many tools cluttering up the trailers. He invented a garden multi-tool that streamlines five essential functions into one to free up space and eliminate back-and-forth trips to the shed.

Frank’s solution makes it easy to switch between jobs without reaching for another tool. The smart and straightforward design is lightweight but durably built. Its quick-working functionality comes from a 180-degree aluminum rotating hinge. This is what lets you access the different functions on the tool head and it can also adjust to 14 different positions to give you the best-feeling fit. What can it tackle? It works as a rake, hoe, scraper, edger, and aerator, to name a few. We think once you get your hands on it, you’ll end up using this hard-working tool for many types of yard jobs.