Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat

Foldable Yoga Mat

Practice your downward dog anywhere. This foldable yoga mat becomes newspaper-sized to travel around town or in a suitcase. And it weighs just a little over two pounds.

YOGO mats use grippy natural rubber, sourced from sustainable (non-Amazonian) tree farms. This stickiness gives the mat some floor traction and more stability as
you stretch.

The lean design also stays cleaner than most mats. Instead of rolling it up, which makes the top of the mat touch the underside, YOGO has an origami-like design that folds with two attached straps help it stay folded. You can also use the straps to hang your mat in the shower for a full-fledged scrub or hose down.

The YOGO folks’ commitment to the environment is evident in everything they do. The entire mat is biodegradable or recyclable and, for every mat sold, one of YOGO’s partner organizations plants a tree where there’s a need.

This portable, planet-friendly mat won’t weigh you or your conscience down.
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The most portable yoga mat we could find.

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Jessica

    Hello everyone! I'm Jessica, founder and CEO of YOGO. As a traveling outdoors athlete, I am so excited to present our innovative travel yoga mat which is cleaner for humans and the environment. We are so honored to be featured and are happy to answer any questions!

  • Cohinta
    6/21/2017 12:02 PM

    Would this mat be recomended for hot yoga? How slippery could it get? & is it machine washable?

  • Jessica
    Jessica – Special Guest
    6/21/2017 1:12 PM

    @Cohinta thanks for the question! This mat is good for mild perspiration, but if it is a super sweaty class we recommend a towel. In a dry environment it is THE stickiest mat you'll ever try: our natural rubber surface got received the "Top Sticky Mat" award from Yoga Journal in 2015!

    Yes! Machine washable, but must be hung up to dry, no dryer. :)

  • Cohinta
    6/21/2017 12:06 PM

    If the mat cannot be placed on the washer/dryer. During winter months how long will it take to hang dry this mat?

  • Jessica
    Jessica – Special Guest
    6/21/2017 1:10 PM

    @Cohinta thanks for the question! You can put the YOGO Mat in the washer on cold with a little detergent and then HANG dry by its straps (do not put in dryer).

    During any month it takes just overnight to dry when snapped up by its straps, because it is held up for air to circulate. We have tried this in slightly humid climates too. Great for travel!

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