Heart Crystal Angel Locket

By Yourself Expression


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Create a sense of protection or remember a loved one with an angel locket necklace. Instead of a picture inside, this filigree-like locket holds a chime ball. It makes a subtle, light chime that serves as a gentle reminder of the spirit of someone special. Customize the locket by choosing the color of the ball—pick one with a special meaning or just your favorite color.

  • Materials: Stainless steel chain with locket and clay-painted chimer
  • Care: Wipe dry and do not wear in water
  • Each Angel Locket holds your choice of chimer
  • Chimer makes a soft chiming noise when you move
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 32" chain; 1" locket
  • Weight: 0.375 lb.

76 Reviews (4.2 out of 5 Grommets)

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My wife loves it and hasn't taken it off.

2/25/2016 by Duane

The locker is beautiful but the chain (if caught in something) will break and .I had to replace it. It still is a great value.


The Angel Locket brings love to my heart

2/23/2016 by Angelina

When I first saw the Crystal Angel Locket I knew I had to purchase it. It reminded me so much of my true love that has passed away. I miss him dearly and wearing this heart locket will remind me of all the good times we shared in our three years together.More > < Less



2/23/2016 by Pam

This was a gift for my daughter and she loved it! The chain was a little long but the color and tone of the chime are beautiful.



2/23/2016 by Richard

Best value gift I've gotten for my wife in a long time, maybe ever. She loves it and finds it very comforting. Successful Valentine's Day for both of us.More > < Less



2/19/2016 by Marlene

I received this as a gift and love it! Went to the website to order more for birthday gifts. At first I couldn't hear the chime; but loved it anyways. Later i heard a faint tinkle and and got so excited. Now when i least expect it, I hear the tiny chime and remember what it means It always makes me smileMore > < Less

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This locket says someone loves you.

About Yourself Expression

Guardian Chimes

Teen entrepreneur Shelby Golguski and her brother Gordon created Yourself Expression to share things they love with others—young and old. Their Angel Lockets merge customized accessories and an on-trend look perfectly.

Each is a great way to express love and remembrance, at any age. They feature filigree-like detailing with crystal accents. And, instead of holding a picture inside like a traditional locket, each one houses a sphere with a chime inside. You personalize each necklace by choosing the color of the sphere—it could be something symbolic to you or simply your favorite hue.

The chime makes a subtle, light sound, serving as a gentle reminder that someone is thinking of you and always with you in spirit. Each locket is meant to keep love and protection around you—or the person you give one to.