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With perfectly sized (and smartly designed) pet nail clippers, animal nail trims are easier, faster, and safer—and less stressful for you and your pet. The conical design—which comes in seven sizes to suit your pet (from small birds and lizards up to large dogs)— prevents over-cutting and protects the super-sensitive quick.

  • Materials: Stainless steel blade, plastic
  • Made for a Lifetime
  • Allows only a predetermined amount of nail to be clipped
  • Unique patent-pending conical blade protects the quick
  • Can be used on birds, reptiles, rabbits, cats, and dogs
  • Stainless steel blade design shears and does not crush the nail
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel for a long-lasting, sharp-clipping edge and blades
  • Cushioned non-slip handle
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 5.5" x 3.5" x 0.5"
  • Weight: 0.2 lb
    Sizing Suggestions:
  • XXS #1 (1.5 mm): For smaller birds, smaller reptiles, ferrets, kittens, and smaller animals like guinea pigs
  • Extra Small #2 (2 mm): For most adult, medium-sized cats
  • Small #3 (2.5 mm): For larger cats, larger birds, and very small dogs
  • Medium #4 (3 mm): For small dogs 10-20 lbs A Dachshund would be a good fit
  • Large #5 (3.5 mm): For dogs 20-35 lbs
  • Extra Large #6 (4 mm): For dogs 35-50 lbs
  • XXL #7 (5 mm): For medium to large dogs above 50 lbs
  • Sizing Guide: Please print sizing guide before use. The dots at the bottom of the guide are the exact size of each Zen Clipper. Make sure to print "actual size" and not "scale to fit page" when printing size guide to ensure the dots remain the correct size. By holding the dots near your pet's nails or by poking the nail through the hole, you can determine which size Zen Clipper best fits your pet
  • If you do not have a printer, you can measure your pets smallest nail at the quick and then choose the size clipper that is next size smaller than your pets measurement. It is very important to get the correct size for your pet

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Pay attention to size

4/2/2019 by k

I mistakenly made an error in my last review. I had to get the Large size for my 11 pounder. The Mediums were too small.


Best Clippers EVER

4/2/2019 by k

Both my dogs HATE getting their nails clipped. I have tried so many types of nail clippers and all were so stressful to my pups. I clipped my smallest dogs nails in less than 2 minutes and done! No trying to make sure the nail was in far enough or not far enough, no horrible twisting of the dog or the foot while trying to be gentle and not hurt her. I put it up to the nail and if it went through the hole, it got snipped. It's beautiful they work from both sides too. My only word of advice is to definitely measure the dog's nail. My little 11 pounder took the Medium size clipper and I am going to have to go up another size for my 18 pounder. Don't bother with the weight vs. size - it won't work.More > < Less



3/26/2019 by Dina

Very nice design and easier to use than store bought !
Faster and less stressful for my mini pin
Thank you


Thank you, thank you....

3/23/2019 by Debbi

Our czarina will not go up and down the steps if her nails are too long. Aside from our vet charging $20 to clip her nails, her behavior during the process was akin to being drawn and quartered. Even a trained professional needed help holding her still. And then came zen clippers. I do her nails every couple of weeks. At home. Free! Hubby holds her, I clip away. No fuss, no screaming, no drama.More > < Less



3/21/2019 by Priscilla

Pretty handy. Easy to use. And safe for my pup.

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Finally! Faster, safer nail trims for pets.

About Zen Clipper

Stress-Free Trims

Zen Clippers have taken their conically designed nail clippers and sized it to suit an array of pets to make nail trims easier and quicker.

There are seven sizes to fit pets like birds, lizards, bunnies, cats, and dogs. And there’s a sizing guide to make sure you get the right fit.

The cutting—or in this case, shearing—is done by a stainless-steel blade inside the conical design. There’s no sharp blade exposed, and the design allows in the just-right amount of nail, so there’s no over-cutting. This also protects the super sensitive quick from getting accidentally snipped, too.
The clippers get the job done quickly, so there’s less hassle (and stress) for you and your pet. And they are guaranteed to last a lifetime of nail trims, too.