Aqua Zinger Blue

By Zing Anything

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Reusable beverage bottles with integrated infusion elements. Add fruits, veggies, or herbs to flavor water.

  • Materials: Health-safe BPA- and EA-free tritan plastic from Eastman and 18/8 stainless steel
  • Use for most fruits, vegetables, and herbs
  • Hot, cold, and carbonated beverage-safe
  • Directions: Add ingredients to bottom chamber. Grind ingredients by screwing on bottom cap. Shake well, let steep, and shake before drinking
  • Made in China
  • Capacity: 20 oz.
  • Dimensions: 9.25" x 3.1"
  • Weight: 0.7 lb.

5 Reviews (3.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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Drink Up!

12/17/2018 by Sally

I bought this for a gal who loves her water and is excited to start experimenting with flavor enhancements. What a great idea!


Not bad.

7/10/2018 by Angelina

Works pretty well at diffusing fruit. My one complaint is the metal gives the water an even stronger metallic flavor that often competes and sometimes over powers the fruit.More > < Less


yes it's a lot for a water bottle

6/1/2013 by Gina

But it's made very well, the bottle is heavy stainless steel and keeps the water pretty cold for a while. You have to use enough fruit and spin the blades a few time before you screw it on. I like to flavor my water, and when my friend had this I knew immediately I could have the convenience of flavor and being able to drink lots of water without the pulp and chunks of fruit, and could toss out my artificial flavor packets.More > < Less


A matter of taste

2/13/2019 by Cindy

Using fresh peaches in season is flavorful. But some fruits out of season really don't deliver much flavor. I gave this as a gift. I guess a person would have to experiment to get the flavor they desire in their water.More > < Less


Zing away Aqua Zinger

4/26/2013 by Winifred

Don't waste your money on this item
not worth the price .

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Zing Anything - Water Infusers

About Zing Anything

Water With A Twist

Deciding to drink more water is easy. Following through is the tough part. To make it more palatable, try spiking your water with fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs. All you need is one handy gadget: a Zinger.

Created by Josh Lefkovitz, Zing Anything’s water bottles and pitchers have an integrated grinder. To make your own vitamin-enriched water, add fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs—strawberries, lemons, cucumbers, mint . . . you choose the ingredients and Zinger does the work.

These bottles and pitchers are designed to give you intense fresh flavor. Some designs have a compartment in the base that you twist to pulverize the ingredients. Others have a juicer. With a shake of the bottles, or a mix of the muddler on the pitcher, the juice and essences disperse into your water. A mesh screen keeps seeds, leaves, and skin separate.

Josh created Zingers because he wanted to drink more water, but he found it flavorless and boring. He tried other methods of infusing water with natural fruit flavors, but none were as fast, convenient and portable as he wanted. After a few years of trial and error, his Zingers took shape.

With a Zinger, drinking water doesn’t seem like a chore anymore, and artificially flavored drinks aren’t nearly so tempting. At home, in the office, or out on the trails, a Zinger makes it easy to crank up the flavor.