Juiced 2.0 Tangle-Free Earbuds

By Zipbuds


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Zipbuds Juiced 2.0 combine great sound, colors, and the company's patented never-tangle zipper cabling. These earbuds are designed for the everyday listener, and the comfort-fit earbud shape is angled for a secure and fit that feels good, too.

  • Materials: Cables: Military-grade aramid for strength and Maeden Tinsel Technology for performance
  • Patented zipper cabling never tangles
  • Earbud is angled for a secure and comfortable fit. The design minimizes ear pressure and ensures optimal driver positioning
  • Powerful bass and crystal clear high suit all music styles
  • Product does not include microphone component
  • Package includes Zipbuds and three ear tips (S, M, L) to create a custom fit
  • Phone not included
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 5" x 3" x 1.25"
  • Weight: 0.125 lb.
    Product specifications:
  • Driver size: 10 mm
  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Impedance: 16 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 100 +/- 3 dB
  • Max input power: 20 mW

195 Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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Not usable

6/2/2015 by Melissa

Concept tempted me to purchase --- I am always struggling with my tangled up earbuds. So, the zipper style was enticing and indeed worked for that purpose, but unfortunately, the earbuds did not stay in my ears during a brisk walk, let alone run. Zipper was too heavy and the earbuds kept falling out. Plus, when I was still, I heard quite a bit of feedback from the zipper pressing on my chest. Annoying either way. Not satisfied with these at all. Will have to pawn them off to a friend that just wants to sit by the pool with them.More > < Less


nice zipper -- lousy sound

1/13/2015 by Kenneth

The idea is good, but the a product must not sacrifice its primary purpose for convenience. Yes, the zipper makes these earbuds easier to manage than most, but the sound sucks.More > < Less


No stars

12/23/2014 by Vivian

I found these to be very distracting, the noise inside the zipper eccos every move.
Don't like at all.
Would not recommend.



11/14/2014 by albert

Negative. They don't stay in your ear.


Very cool design & maybe I got a pair of lemons?

10/28/2014 by Tracy

I don't review online purchases as a rule but am compelled to do so in this case. I loved the idea of these Earbuds and, based on the enthusiasticenthusiastic reviews, bought two sets for my college-age daughter. The ear bud simply popped open on one after a month (no worries - super glue to the rescue). A week or so later the other earbud died (no sound).

The second, back-up set worked fantastic for about ten days and now shorts out in the left ear.

So while I still think this is a really cool design I couldn't in good conscience wish these things on anyone.
More > < Less

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Tunes Without Tangles

About Zipbuds

Tunes Without Tangles

Life gets messy, but your headphones don’t need to. Zipbuds put an end to tangled headphone cords with a zippy design (literally).

Juiced, the original design, has unique zipper-integrated cabling that uses military-grade technology to provide strength and performance. The zipper resists knots, holds up to a heavy workout, and is flexible enough to keep up with all your moves. Unzip the cord to get more slack or zip it up tighter for a snug fit.

The newest Slide earbuds have a zero-friction slider. They call it a “zipperless zipper.” With a clean, distortion-free mix of clarity and bass, these buds have award-winning sound.

Founders Erik Groset (the offspring of a famous inventor, his great-grandpa invented the ice cream cone-making machine) and Robin DeFay (a former pro poker player) are lifelong buddies. They started Zipbuds in 2007, and even earned an invitation to The White House to speak about their business.

We can thank them for letting us spend less time untangling cords and more time enjoying the music.