Magnetic Shoe Closures - Kid/Elder

By Zubits


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You’ll never need to tie your shoes again with Zubits, the magnetic shoe closure. Simply lace the magnets into your shoelaces and you’re ready to go. Super strong magnets hold fast during strenuous activity, but are easy to open. Slip on, click in place, and get out the door. Your shoes will look great (no floppy bows) and you can even hang them up easily.

  • Materials: Magnets encased in plastic
  • Care: Wipe with soft cloth
  • Makes putting shoes on and taking them off incredibly easy
  • No need to tie your shoes or hassle with knots
  • Magnets and enclosure are specially designed to stay secure during athletic activity, yet remain easy enough to take off with a forceful step on the heel
  • No laces to come undone, trip over, or get stuck in bike chains
  • Gives your shoes a clean, display-worthy look
  • When Zubits are separated, it's as if three rows of shoelaces have disappeared, making them as easy as slippers to put on
  • Amazingly strong magnets bind together with 18 lbs. of force
  • Best practices for use Instruction Guide
  • Recommended for kids ages 5 to 8 years or adults who will not use their shoes athletically, such as for walks or going to the store. Also for elder adults or special needs individuals
  • Not recommended for children under 5 years old
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 1.3" x 0.85" x 0.26"
  • Weight: 0.07 lb.

46 Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Really like them

9/12/2015 by Peggy

Really like them. It took longer to adjust to right fit than I expected, but worth it.



9/2/2015 by Concetta

I am one of the "elderly" and I love these. I did not like the look of velcro and the Zubits on my SAS shoes look great.


Great product!!

8/31/2015 by Wendy

I bought these for my grandson who has Down Syndrome. He has some trouble with fine motor skills so he can not yet tie his shoes. The Zubits have made everybody's life so much easier!! He can now put on his own shoes which does a lot for his self esteem since he doesn't have to depend on someone else to help him. I would recommend this product for anyone who has trouble tying shoe laces.More > < Less



8/30/2015 by Sharon

Great idea if you are strong, but I am an "elder," a woman age 72, and I could not get them open when they were on my feet. I am disappointed because they are very clever!More > < Less



8/24/2015 by Erick

A Must have for Kids.

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Zubits - Magnetic Shoe Closures

About Zubits

Untied for Good

The world has been tying shoelaces for far too long, don’t you think? And they’re always coming untied. Meet Zubits, the magnetic shoe closures.

When Founder Ryan Wiens’s boys were young, he noticed that they always wore their easy Velcro shoes instead of their nice laced ones. So he came up with a solution to make shoes easier for kids and adults alike. Zubits was crowdfunded on Kickstarter in only a month.

Zubits gives you the ease of a slip-on with any laced shoe. Just lace the magnets into your shoelaces and you’re ready to go! The magnets are strong enough to hang your shoes from the fridge or over a hook, and they’ll stay in place until you step on the heel and pop them open again.

No more floppy bows or laces to trip on, and no more retying. Zubits make shoes look better, too. Notice how shoe stores display their laces tucked in and neat—rather than tied in unsightly bows? Now you can have that look all the time. Slip on those shoes, click, and go.